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Welcome and THANK YOU for playing to Dealing with LIFE.

This game is about draining your opponent's life before they do the same to you.
To achieve this, you play out cards in turns which can then attack your opponent's cards or his health core directly.

At the beginning of the game you are both dealt 5 cards, with 1 card being added to your
hand each turn.

The cards you place on the table in front of you can be used to attack your opponent's cards,
or your opponent directly.
To do so, click on one of your cards that's not currently tabbed, then select an enemy card or his health core at the opposite end of the table.
After playing a card, the card remains tabbed until your next turn.

The red number on the bottom right of your card is its life. In order to play a card from your hand you sacrifice the same amount of life from
your own total.

The green number on the bottom left of your card is its attack value. When you attack your opponent's cards or his health core, this is the amount of damage the card does. If your card is attacked by your opponent, it will defend itself, causing damage to the attacking card as well.

Every card has a cooldown, indicated by the timer symbol on the top left. As long as a card is in cooldown, it remains tabbed. On your next turn, your cards' cooldowns are decreased by one.

Some cards posses the power to steal life, indicated by a red blood droplet in the top right. Any damage dealt by a card with lifesteal is added to your health pool, allowing you to regenerate.

Some cards - when played from your hand - allow you to draw an extra card.
This is indicated by an image of a blank card in the top right.

You can exit the game at any time by pressing Escape.
To view a larger version of your card, hover over a card and keep your right mouse button down.

Cat'sn'Wheels Studios

Made with ❤︎  using Unity, Blender, Krita, GIMP, Audacity and VS2019

textures.com - freesound.org - bensound.com

Install instructions

Simply download, unzip and play! :)


dwl-1.0.0.zip 39 MB